Book Reviews

"Occasionally, among the many books I read, I discover a book whose ideas are so transformative that I feel impelled to share them with UXmatters readers. This is one of those rare books.”

-- Leadership Matters

"This enlightening book not only shows why people reject creativity but provides solutions on how to switch one’s thinking and truly welcome it.”

-- Publishers Weekly

"Solid reading for the business set”

-- Kirkus Reviews

"These findings should be especially illuminating for company executives and managers–people who are typically the guardians of practicality but must also be able to identify and nurture new ideas so their promise has the potential to be realized.”

-- Forbes

"This famous 2012 study from the University of Pennsylvania showed that ordinary people often dismiss new ideas, because their uncertainty makes us think, and thinking too hard makes us feel uncomfortable.”

-- The Atlantic

“Mueller, an accomplished scholar in the management field, has developed a well-formulated argument for creativity. Her ideas and research need to be available to academics, business practitioners, and, really, everyone.”

-- Library Journal

“If we all crave creativity so much, why do we reject new ideas so often? Jen Mueller’s smart new book unravels this puzzle.”

-- Daniel H. Pink, Bestselling Author of Drive and A Whole New World

"Jen Mueller makes a telling point: To be most successful, we need both to foster creativity in ourselves and to reduce our resistance to it when it occurs around us. Better still, she provides manageable, scientifically-grounded steps for doing each. Count me sold on this book.”

-- Robert Cialdini, Bestselling Author of Influence and of Pre-Suasion

"Playing it safe' has never been riskier—yet truly embracing change has never felt tougher. Jennifer Mueller offers refreshingly creative insights and relentlessly useful advice for unleashing creativity in your company, your career, and your life. Don't just sit there...Read this book—and change something!"

-- William C. Taylor, Cofounder, Fast Company & Author of Simply Brilliant

"We all claim to love creative ideas, but this book reveals why we're so often biased against them—and how we can overcome the barriers that stand in the way of innovation."

-- Adam Grant, New York Times Bestselling Author of Originals & Give and Take

“We all have a love-hate relationship with creativity. In Creative Change, Jennifer Mueller tells fascinating tales of how we unconsciously undermine our best creative intentions. She reveals the latest psychological science explaining this conflict and offers concrete steps for making creative change happen in our work, our companies, and our world. Whether you’re trying to save the planet or save your business, you need this book.”

-- Teresa Amabile, Professor & Director of Research at Harvard Business School, & Co-Author of The Progress Principle

“This book completely changed the way I think about creative innovation: the challenge is not coming up with good ideas but training yourself to recognize them. A must read.”

-- Cal Newport, Bestselling Author of Deep Work and So Good They Can’t Ignore You

"Talk with any CEO, top executive, or other business leader and they’ll all tell you they’re constantly seeking creative solutions and need real innovation in order to thrive. But according to startling research from management professor Dr. Jennifer Mueller, the truth is that these same business leaders routinely reject creative solutions and embrace the familiar— even as they profess commitment to innovation. Mueller’s stunning research also reveals that it’s not just corporate leaders but scientists, students, educators, and other social trendsetters who struggle to actually accept new and creative ideas, even when actively seeking them. Mueller parses the tough questions that these findings raise. Could people have an implicit bias against creative ideas that operates beneath their awareness? Does the approach we use to evaluate ideas turn this prejudice on or off? Mueller describes how to disrupt your mindset to better recognize creative opportunity, and she provides counterintuitive recommendations to help people embrace the creative ideas they want. Based on the latest psychological studies in the field, along with numerous illustrative examples, Creative Change is the kind of provocative management book that will be discussed for years to come."