Creative Change

Why We Resist It...How To Embrace It

"This enlightening book not only shows
why people reject creativity but provides solutions on
how to switch one's thinking and truly welcome it."

-- Publishers Weekly

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About Jen Mueller

I'm a social psychologist who loves stories. While getting my PhD, I started to collect peoples' stories about creativity. Overwhelmingly, people say they feel joy, pride, and exhilaration towards their creative ideas. But I also discovered a dark side - most people have a story about how someone else rejected their creative idea. So I started to wonder, could people love creative ideas - but also hate them? Now, a business school professor, my work shows that people - even experts - can hide their dislike of creative ideas. My work explores the possibility that embracing a creative idea is not a rational process of knowing the answer, but a psychological process of managing our own and others feelings. My work aims to provide people with tools to disrupt their own and others resistance to the creative ideas that would otherwise improve the quality of their lives and make the world a better place.

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